and Doowang Records

Dr. Doowang was born in New Orleans in the corner of my mind while I was searching for a character name for one of my songs. He is the inspiration for the dancer in the Doowang logo. He is what happens to me whenever I'm in Nawlins.  This site is a place for me to hang some music and art on the internet for the sheer pleasure of seeing it all work. Welcome. 


After several career moves I retired in Buffalo NY with my wife April, where Doowang Records originated. I have recorded many musicians for WBFO and NPR over the years. I have also served as a Director of Engineering and Operations for NPR (Distribution) where I was an audio and satellite engineering manager.


I  was hit by a love of music at a young age. I can remember my father bringing home a guitar when   I was about 5 years old. "I wrote my first song right there on the spot, I just felt there there outta be words with the tune". I studied saxophone in my youth but then re-discovered the guitar in high school. I also returned to writing lyrics and music. In high school I was a performer in the All-Erie County chorus, singing has always been my best skill.

As a performer I appeared in several bands and groups over the years although now I prefer to write and record more of the time. I am excited by the resurgence of Buffalo music led by The Sportsmans Tavern and other venues in the Buffalo area. Buffalo has always been known as a music town but now, more than ever.

Doowang Records is a labor of love, I sometimes produce music for people I think have talent, who want to promote their songs and music on a shoestring, and have some fun.


The song is the thing!